Flex-O-Glass® and Warp’s® History

When 20 year old Harold Warp chugged his Model T into Chicago from the Nebraska farmlands in 1924 with a patent for Flex-O-Glass® and $800 in his pocket, his hope for the future lay in a special window material he had developed for his family’s chicken coops, a desire for success and a willingness to work hard.

A storefront factory/living quarters on Chicago’s unpaved Cicero Avenue provided the start of FLEX-O-GLASS® and WARP BROTHERS. Today the firm has grown to fill three large plants and place the company among the leaders in the plastics industry.

Made in the USA

Manufacturing on American soil supports local economies and creates thousands of jobs for hardworking Americans. Flex-O-Glass proudly produces and manufactures all of our products in the United States.